Khyber Knives (now available) - Pax Pamir Expansion - Power & Empire in Afghanistan, 1823-1845, designed by Cole Wehrle and Phil Eklund (English)

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Khyber Knives is an expansion for Pax Pamir containing new rules, solitaire rules, game pieces, and cards. From 1 to 5 players.

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Living and Optional rules here: PAX PAMIR LIVING RULES

Game Length: 2 hours
    Game Material:
  • 60 New Cards (political, espionage, financial, and military)
  • 8 wooden pieces
  • New Rules including solitaire rules (16 pages)
  • here.

  • Pax Pamir - Living rules (all editions), updated December 2015 (pdf format)
  • Pax Pamir Spanish rules are available here: PAX PAMIR ESPAŅOL


    € 15,00  including VAT but not including shipping costs