Bios:Genesis (preorder) - A cardgame of the origins of life

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BIOS:GENESIS - (In English). 5 copies left.

You start as an ingredient in the primordial soup, and try to create life. Solitaire, competitive, and cooperative play options.

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Living and Optional rules here: BIOS:GENESIS LIVING RULES

  • 60 Cards illustrated by Karim Chakroun
  • 16 oversized placards, for bacteria and refugia
  • 48 disks representing catalysts, enzymes, and antioxidants
  • 64 wooden cubes for manna & chromosomes
  • 12 six-sided dice, used for autocatalytic and Darwin rolls
  • Rules and historical background, 54 pages
  • Box (5" X 5" X 1.75")

Download German Bios:Genesis Rules (translators Carla Hillebrand and Ingo Backert) here: BIOS:GENESIS DEUTSCHE REGELN

Download Spanish Bios:Genesis Rules (translator Manuel Suffo) here: BIOS:GENESIS SPANISH REGLAS

Download Japanese Bios:Genesis Rules (translator Masahiro Nakamura) here: BIOS:GENESIS JAPANESE RULES

Download French Bios:Genesis Rules (translator Jerome Quelin) here: BIOS:GENESIS FRENCH RULES

Download Polish Bios:Genesis Rules (translator Pawel Bedz) here: BIOS:GENESIS POLISH RULES


€ 32,00  including VAT but not including shipping costs